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Which industry has high job opportunities?

TP – According to the Ministry of Education and Training’s report on the survey results and the employment situation of graduates in 2018, the proportion of employed students compared to the total number of graduates after 1 year for 183 Higher education institution is 65.8%.

From July 22 to July 31, candidates participating in the university admission exam with the national high school exam results are allowed to adjust their aspirations once by online or in person. The adjustment after the national high school exam results (the Ministry of Education and Training announced the test results on July 14) will help candidates choose professions closer to their scores. However, there is a problem candidates need to consider, that is the employment needs of the labor market.

Statistics from the survey results of 183 higher education institutions, 40 colleges training teachers’ codes show that in 2018, there were nearly 220,000 university graduates, nearly 16,000 college graduates, colleges Teacher training industry codes. Of these, 155,714 undergraduates responded to 136,344 employed students. Thus, the rate of graduates having jobs compared to the total number of graduates after 1 year reaches 65.5%.

The Ministry of Education and Training’s general report also divided into 22 areas of training. In terms of the percentage of students with feedback, the field of Technical training has the highest employment, reaching 97.3%. Next are Business and management 94.9%, Architecture and construction 94.6%, Transport services 94.4%; Services, hotels, sports and personal services are 94.1%. Meanwhile, the field of training which has the lowest employment rate is Environment and Environment Protection 80.4%. The field of Social Services reached 82.3%, the field of Science Education and Teacher Training was also at the low top with 84.9%. Fields below 90% also have a number of other areas such as Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Natural Sciences, Life Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics.

Graduation does not follow the industry is still high

From the statistics of the Ministry of Education and Training for 183 universities, 40 colleges about the proportion of students having jobs, it can be seen the irrationalities in supply – demand. Some industries have a high proportion of students with jobs, and the average level of training is even lower. Not only that, the Ministry’s statistics show that there are still a large number of universities (excluding military police schools) that have not paid attention to the feedback of students after graduation. The Ministry of Education and Training said that there were 57 university units not yet reported.

Regarding the relationship between training and employment, the number of graduates working in the right field of training among 220,000 graduates in 2018 was 66,877 students; related to the training sector is 26,250 students; Unrelated to the training sector is 23,251 students. This data shows that the percentage of graduates having to work in the wrong fields of education is still quite high. For teacher training disciplines, the report also shows that the number of college graduates graduating from the wrong field is quite high (approximately 25%), this ratio is similar to that of good students. University.

“From these statistics it is possible to orient schools in some training sector codes. There are some codes that will decrease but there will be new codes. This is a way to avoid wasting in training. But it is also recommended that schools do not follow the hot industry so that there is a risk of overbalance in the training future ”- Mr. Hoang Cong Dung, Deputy Director of the Center for Human Resource Training and Supply, Ministry of Education and Training said. .





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