Triển lãm quốc tế giáo dục và hướng nghiệp lần thứ I

The international exhibition on education and vocation 2019


The Organizing Committee of the Exhibition would like to invite businesses, organizations and training institutions at home and abroad to register to participate in the “International First Exhibition of Education and Career – EduExpo 2019”.

Expected scale of 300 booths, of which 250 stands domestically and 50 abroad. The exhibition displays products: Early childhood education equipment; General education teaching equipment; Higher education teaching equipment; Scientific research equipment; Publications, school supplies at all levels and introduction: Research products of centers, institutes and schools; Start-up products; International study abroad.

To register for the exhibition, please fill in the required form and send the attached file to the form below:

Diagram of the area where the exhibition stall is located

Registration form

Tên đơn vị tham gia triển lãm (Name of exhibitors)
Tên giao dịch (Trading name)
Địa chỉ (Address)
Điện thoại (Phone)
Đại diện giao dịch (Transaction representative)
Chức vụ (Position)
Đơn vị giới thiệu (Introduction unit)
Đặt chỗ gian hàng (Space reservation)

Khu vực
Doanh nghiệp Trung Quốc
(China business area)

Khu vực
các trường đại học
(University area)

Khu vực
trong và ngoài nước liên doanh
(Domestic and foreign-invested enterprises sector)

File đăng kí chi tiết(tải mẫu phía trên)(Detailed registration file)


All contact information: Center of Training Support and Manpower Supply, No. 12-14 Le Thanh Tong, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi City.

Ms. Pham Thi Thuong Hien

Phone: 024.39336243, 0983169298.


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