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Providing mainstream information to help students choose the right career in the future

Education & Training – On September 19, in Lao Cai, the Center for Training and Manpower Supply (Ministry of Education and Training) held a seminar “Providing labor market forecast information and career counseling for recruitment. university student in Lao Cai province ”.
The seminar was organized to provide and exchange information on employment forecasts, career trends, labor market needs and career guidance to help students have information in choosing careers and schools. Individualized training, social needs, thereby increasing employment opportunities after graduation.

Attending the seminar, there were representatives of leaders of the Center for Support of Training and Manpower Supply (Ministry of Education and Training), leaders of Lao Cai Department of Education and Training, speakers in the fields of vocational guidance, labor, employment with the teachers, pupils in Lao Cai province.

At the seminar, Mr. Hoang Cong Dung – Deputy Director of the Center for Support of Training and Manpower Supply (Ministry of Education and Training) said: The orientation for students to choose future careers is very necessary. This is also an issue that society is very interested in.

Students need to understand the profession, choose a job that suits their ability. This will help families in particular and society in general to avoid wasting time and money when students learn the wrong career, contributing to overcoming the imbalance in training human resources for society.

In the previous years, the selection of schools and majors for the students took the exam based mainly on the matriculation score, the prestigious universities, according to the parents’ orientation, according to the tastes and subjective needs of the students. yourself, due to the “crowd” effect.

However, in the past few years, students’ career choices and career choices have been more realistic, and they have been calculated and oriented better than in previous years. Students now have many channels of information to access information to choose a school, industry, career orientation such as through the media, social networking sites, from schools, teachers, friends, family. family or from career counseling …

This is one of the favorable conditions for students to have access to a variety of diverse and multidimensional information sources, but it is also a difficulty in identifying official information to determine the direction to choose. choose a career to be observed.

Therefore, the Ministry of Education and Training organizes a seminar with the desire to provide official information to students to prepare their minds and determine future career options. They can learn in depth about their favorite industries and occupations, which are and will be a great attraction in the labor market, especially the impact of the industrial revolution 4.0 on the school. Vietnamese labor.

In addition to providing and exchanging information on career counseling, information on career trends and general information about labor market forecasts, the seminar also provided and exchanged a content. concerning the training trends of fields and employment graduates.




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